Fonderia Regali was found by Copernico Regali in1960, belonging to a long family history in the mercantile business, he decided to invest in the cast iron mechanics fusion.

The tenacity and the care of the founder are sostrong that starting as a small local firm, FonderiaRegali becomes one of the most important in the country, betting on the disc brakes’ marketas drawing product in its own business.

With the entrance of Luigi, Copernico’ s son, in the company, was felt a new propulsion to investin technology and to contend with the competitor with fast and fine automate systems, a completely supervised and controlled production process, with the implementation of a quality system pursuant to UNI ISO9000:2000 NORM.

The aim is always the same, looking for the complete satisfaction of the customer in order to obtain their trust, creating an eligible and longlasting partnership.

In the first 2000, Luigi perceived that a further growing could be sustained only with new buyout, for this reason, next to a right diversification strategic plan, Fonderie Montini was acquired. Fonderie Montini is an historical group in Brescia, which is worldwide appreciated for its production of manholes and gratings in cast iron.

This move got large advantages in the research of critical masses, in the organized efficiency and, in the reciprocal productive know how.

It was created the Italian centre for cast iron, with more than 130.000 tons of installed production capacity, organised in the Brand division Regali for the brake disc industry department and Montini brand division for the building and infrastructure department.

The passion which attend us everyday, gives us he enthusiasm to continue with constancy andinitiative our activity, to build our future.